Spello, the ” City of Flowers “, is famous for its his Infiorata, the annual floral decoration that takes place along the main street of the city, on the occasion of the Corpus Domini procession. It is a unique and unforgettable event, an amazing floral carpet with sacred representations, whose long preparation process takes several months, sometimes even a year!
A hard artistic work, made of millions and millions of petals, which has an irresistible charm.

The Baglioni Chapel, also known as “Cappella Bella” (Beautiful Chapel), given the very high quality of the  frescoes that it holds inside, is considered by most critics, the most important work of art of Pinturicchio, one of the absolute masterpieces of the Italian Renaissance.
In the Church of Saint Andrew, the Franciscan friars also jealously preserved another Pinturicchio panel, the “Madonna with child and Saints “, which reveals the great mastery of the Umbrian artist.
 The wonderful Villa dei Mosaici has recently been inaugurated; 500 square meters of refined mosaic floor of rare beauty, dating back to the imperial age.

After walking among the tiny medieval houses in pink stone, along the narrow alleys, adorned by the graceful flowered balconies, between the arches and the ancient Roman doors, like Porta Venere and Porta Consolare, you will go up to the oldest and highest part of Spello, where La Bastiglia is located.

Spello the village

It will be pleasant to be lulled by the silence of this enchanted place and surrender to the beauty of the panorama that opens up in front of you, with the splendid valley at the foot of the Monte Subasio , in peace, among the silvery olive trees that form the theatrical backdrop to the splendid Assisi , where Saint Francis used to retire and pray (5 Km)

Spello the country